WireWorld video cables utilize superior connectors and materials in advanced 75Ω cable designs to provide exceptionally lifelike video imaging.

They are available in virtually all configurations and lengths at four levels of price and performance. Like all WireWorld cables, they are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.


Cable selection guide
 75Ω Analogue Video
 Description  Conductor
 Insulation  Plugs
Silver Starlight® 6
Silver Starlight Video
 These world-class video cables utilize
 the finest design elements, including
 state-of-theart Silver Tube™ ...
 Available as Composite Video only
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 OCC copper
 DNA™ Helix


 Silver Tube™
 or BNC
Starlight® 6
Starlight Video
 The Starlight® 6 video cables employ
 the same state-of-art design as the
 Silver Stralight® 6, but with ... 
 Available as Composite Video only
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 DNA™ Helix  Composilex™  Silver Tube™
 or BNC
Ultraviolet™ 5

 Ultraviolet™ 5 cables utilize
 WireWorld's superior Gold Tube™
 plugs and Grain-Optimized silver ...
 Available as Composite, S-Video &  

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 Coaxial  Polyethylene
 Gold Tube™
 or BNC
Chroma™ 5
 Even Wireworld's entry-level
 Chroma™ 5 video cable line features 
 superior materials, design, and
 connectors ...
 Available as Composite, S-Video, 
 Component & VGA

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 Coaxial  Polyethylene
 Gold Tube™
 BNC or HD15
Chroma™ 52 SCART
 The Chroma™52 SCART features a
 unique locking connector, a very
 flexible and manageable cable.
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 Flat  Polyethylene
 gold plated

Previous Starlight 52 Video


SCART adaptors

SCART to RGB/R-L audio
High quality locking adaptors, Gold plated, metal cast casing.


SCART to S-Video/Composite video/R-L audio
High quality locking adaptors, Gold plated, metal cast casing.


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