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The goal of WireWorld’s DNA™ cable designs is simply to provide the closest sound to a direct connection at each price level. Nearly all manufacturers of high end audio cables agree that sonic neutrality is their ultimate goal, but WireWorld is apparently the only company that actually follows through on that concept by audibly comparing cables to the only true reference standard for sonic neutrality, a direct connection between components. WireWorld’s latest DNA™ cable designs incorporate the knowledge gained from over 25 years of continuous development based on this unique objective methodology.

DNA Helix


The electrical functions of interconnects and speaker cables are commonly misunderstood, as most people believe that most of the signal energy is transferred as electron flow within the conductors. That misunderstanding lead to the assumption that using thicker conductors would improve sound quality, which is generally incorrect, since most of the energy in audio signals is actually transferred in the electromagnetic field surrounding the conductors. Thicker conductors can only reduce the signal energy that is lost as heat (resistive loss), while they actually increase the electromagnetic (inductive) loss that causes most of the degradation that we actually hear from cables. Resistive loss is also less audible because it affects all frequencies equally, while electromagnetic (inductive) loss is very uneven, so it actually changes the shape of the musical waveforms.

Not only is the overall inductive loss of a cable problematic, it is also somewhat complex, as it is made up of skin effect, proximity effect, eddy current resistance and various mechanical modulation effects caused by structural instability. The DNA™ designs were formulated to provide a comprehensive solution to these effects based on their audibility. To minimize skin effect, the flat conductors in the DNA™ designs are as thin as a single strand, yet there are enough strands to provide very low resistance, and all of the strands are completely parallel, providing the most direct signal path possible. These flat conductors are arranged in stacked arrays to channel the electromagnetic field energy as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, for each design, the spacing between the positive and negative conductors is fine tuned by ear to match the pure sound of a direct connection. The effect of that tuning is like focusing a lens, with the beautiful textures and dynamics of live music coming into vivid 3-D focus when the spacing is just right.


WireWorld's proprietary Diagonal DNA™ cable design utilizes a unique geometric structure that employs a set of flat, parallel-stacked conductors to optimize the electromagnetic coupling between the two polarities. This parallel array consists of a set of 12 or 18 flat conductors precisely stacked diagonally within a 'monolithic' cable structure, which has a flat overall outer profile and has no open internal space whatsoever and very high rigidity, drastically reducing the capacity for intermodulation distortion generated by movement between the conductors. Each of the flat conductors is composed of a parallel group of six strands encased in high density polyethylene. This unique arrangement creates an ideal signal path, free of the inductive electromagnetic field effects that filter the signal in conventional cable designs. On the test bench, these cables preserve test signal square waves distinctly better than other high-end speaker cables. On a great audio system, they simply bring music to life.


The DNA Helix™ design used in WireWorld interconnects consists of a stacked array of four flat conductors, which are twisted together and tightly compressed within a composite shield. In addition to channelling the electromagnetic field energy more efficiently than other designs, this configuration also provides superior immunity to EMI/RFI noise.


The conductors in WireWorld interconnects are insulated with Composilex™, a proprietary material technology that minimizes triboelectric noise and noise modulation distortion, resulting in quieter backgrounds and cleaner transients than cables that utilize conventional insulation materials. The combination of the DNA™ and Composilex™ technologies accomplishes WireWorld’s goal of preserving the natural timbre, spatiality and effortless dynamics of live music.

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