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important information for Home theatre system installers.


All the versions of HDMI® are specifications that define what features they will support, and hardware manufacturers are free to implement all or some.

The version itself has little to do with the actual cable i.e. number of conductors etc., and more to do with the features offered by the device that is connected. However, the HDMI® standard has got a lot more powerful, with new capabilities designed to push the boundaries of the HD experience – this requires the cable to carry a far more complex and bigger bandwidth signal. The quality of the cable and its Transmission Speed is what matters.


In short; for a cable to work with the latest HDMI® v1.4 specification components, the cable must be rated at a Transmission Speed of 10.2Gbps. This is labelled as a HIGH SPEED cable under the new HDMI Licencing, LLC cable marking regime. All WireWorld HDMI® cables that carry the RED 10.2Gbps label are fully capable of working with HDMI v1.4 equipment that do not require the Ethernet Channel. Cable with Transmission Speed of >10.2Gbps will perform better.


All WireWorld  Series 6 HDMI cables are “HIGH SPEED with Ethernet Channel”.


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WireWorld, the pioneer of high performance HDMI® cables was the first manufacturer to label its HDMI® cables with official bandwidth/speed ratings specified by The HDMI Licencing, LLC with a set of simple colour coded labels. We are very pleased to see that HDMI Licencing, LLC have now taken a stance to enforce a simple cable marking system.


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