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With the introduction of the HDMI v1.4 specifications, the HDMI Group corrected a big mistake in the labeling of HDMI® cables. There were actually no changes in the configuration of HDMI® cables from the original version v1.0 to the new v1.4. The only exception to that statement is the new Ethernet channel, which is an optional feature available on some new HDMI® cables and AV components. The real issue of HDMI® cable compatibility has always been transmission speed. That is why Wireworld became the first brand to display the official Gbps speed ratings of every length of our cables on our literature and packaging in 2004. It is also important to note that there are no official speed ratings above 10.2Gbps and that transmission speed varies considerably according to the length of a cable.

To correct their mistake of suggesting that the capability of HDMI® cables could be identified by version numbers, The HDMI Group has introduced new labeling rules that stop the use of version numbers on HDMI® cables. HDMI v1.4 cannot be printed on any HDMI® cable or package. After November 2010, HDMI® cables printed with any older series numbers cannot be sold in stores. Under the new rules, cables that can only support 2.2Gbps must be labeled ‘STANDARD SPEED’, cables that support 10.2Gbps must be labeled ‘HIGH SPEED’, and cables that also support the Ethernet channel must also be labeled ‘WITH ETHERNET’. All of our Series 6 HDMI® cables, including Platinum Starlight, will be ‘HIGH SPEED WITH ETHERNET’. Even our longest Series 6 cables will pass 10.2Gbps because we’ve included internal repeater circuits. We are already shipping the Island 6 HDMI® cable and Silver Starlight 6 HDMI® cable.

The main issue to understand is that all HDMI® cables are compatible with HDMI v1.4 components if the cable has enough bandwidth for the signal that the components are trying to send. Wireworld HDMI® cables have more bandwidth than others, and that is one of the reasons why they produce better sound and image quality.

Learn more from The HDMI Group here: HDMI v1.4

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