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WireWorld Introduces Reference USB Audio Cables

Click to enlargeDAVIE, FLORIDA (23/11/10) – WireWorld Cable Technology®, one of the world's most respected manufacturer of high performance audio and video cables, is expanding their existing range of USB Audio cables with two new high end models, Platinum Starlight® USB and Silver Starlight® USB. Both cables feature WireWorld’s proprietary DNA Helix™ conductor geometry and custom engineered carbon fibre and aluminium connectors. The cables are intended for discerning listeners who will appreciate their ability to reveal a wealth of musical details while preserving the natural timbre of acoustic instruments and voices.

“When I first began testing USB audio cables a few years ago, I was surprised by how easy it was to hear the sonic differences between various USB cables," comments WireWorld President and founder David Salz, "of course, a direct connection between the computer and DAC sounded much cleaner and more lifelike than any of the cables, so I proceeded to develop cables that approached that level of sonic purity.”  Salz added, “In 2008 we introduced our Ultraviolet™ and Starlight® USB cables, which have been a resounding success, so I am confident that the uniquely lifelike sound quality of these new cables will be well received.”

Both cables employ WireWorld's new, patent-pending DNA Helix™ conductor design, which uses six signal conductors – twice as many as other USB cables, arranged in an innovative symmetrical geometry that provides precisely balanced 90-ohm impedance that far exceeds the official USB specification.  The DNA Helix™ design maximizes transmission speed while minimizing noise, thus reducing digital jitter to provide substantial overall improvements in sound quality. Another special feature of the cables is a power conductor that is fully isolated from the signal conductors to preserve signal purity.

Featuring moulded carbon fibre connectors and solid silver conductors for uncompromised performance, Platinum Starlight® USB has a suggested price of £499 for one meter. Silver Starlight® USB’s aluminium connectors and silver-clad OFC conductors provide only slightly less performance at £249 for a one meter cable. Both cables will be available in January of 2011 in lengths ranging from 1 foot to 10 meters.

WireWorld Cable Technology, which was founded by renowned designer David Salz in 1992, is the premier provider of leading edge digital and analogue cable technology for home audio and video, from HDMI and USB audio to state of the art high-end interconnects and speaker cables. WireWorld earned its world-class reputation by producing superior cables based on the use of objective perceptual testing, innovative patented designs, premium materials, and exceptional manufacturing quality.

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