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  • Pioneer G4-G6 & Sony kit
  • Pioneer G4-G6 & Sony kit
  • Pioneer G4-G6 & Sony kit



WireWorld upgrade kit for Pioneer G4-G6 series plasma TVs & Sony plasma/LCD







Looking to improve the picture quality of your plasma?

A WireWorld upgrade kit provides significant improvement to the image quality of the Pioneer plasmas. You can get a better viewing experience by simply investing in a WireWorld upgrade cable kit for your existing Pioneer plasma rather than spending a small fortune on a new screen.


“It gives lots of detail and better picture stability than the supplied Pioneer cable.”

What Hi-Fi? SV, Nov ‘05


Pioneer upgrade kits are suitable for the following models:

  • PDP-434 HDE
  • PDP-435 HDE, PDP-435 FDE
  • PDP-436 XDE, PDP-436 FDE
  • PDP-504 HDE
  • PDP-505 XDE, PDP-505 FDE
  • PDP-506 XDE, PDP-506 FDE

Sony upgrade kits are suitable for the following models:

  • KE-P42MRX1
  • KE-P50MRX1
  • KE-P61MRX1
  • KLV-L32MRX1
  • KLV-V42MRX1

WireWorld offers three grades of kits:


Model Description Available lengths Conductor type

The ultimate upgrade, get the best from your TV.

2.0m, 5.0m, 7.0m, 9.0m, 12.0m,
15.0m & 20.0m

Silver-clad OFC 24awg
A serious step up in performance over standard cable. 2.0m, 5.0m, 7.0m, 9.0m, 12.0m
& 15.0m
Silver plated OFC 24awg

An improvement over the supplied cable.

2.0m, 7.0m & 9.0m
Oxygen-free copper 24awg

Note: Sony kit is not available in 2m variant.
Pioneer utilizes 20pin MDR & Sony 26pin MDR cable.






Where to buy

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