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Investment in technology and specialised tooling is necessary to manufacture products that offer class leading performance, consistency and reliability. WireWorld has developed unique cable & plug designs along with new insulation materials to offer the best possible performance at each and every price point.

WireWorld do not use generic cables and connectors or go to factories in the Far East to buy “off the shelf” products and have them branded.


WireWorld list of exclusive innovative technologies:


DNA Helix™DNA Helix

WireWorld specialised DNA Helix™ (Quad conductor) cable design uses stacked array of four flat conductors to neutralize the electromagnetic loss that filters the signal in other cables.


The simpler version of DNA Helix™ (Dual conductor) is employed in the lower models to save cost.


Composilex™ (formerly Composite Dielectric Technology)

Composilex™ is a composite insulation material developed by WireWorld, which makes striking improvements in sound quality by virtually eliminating the Noise Modulation Distortion (NMD) generated by conventional cable insulation materials. 


White paper on WireWorld DNA & Composilex Technologies

 Diagonal DNA

Diagonal DNA™

The Diagonal DNA™ design takes speaker cable design to a new level. With eighteen or twelve flat conductors perfectly optimised and stabilised within the cable’s trapezoidal profile. Each of the unique flat conductors is composed of a parallel group of six strands encased in high density polyethylene. In a dramatic departure from all previous cable designs, the conductors are stacked diagonally within the cable to create an ideal, tightly-coupled and totally parallel signal path, free from the electromagnetic field effects that filter the signal in other speaker cables.



HDMI® cablesx-section

WireWorld HDMI® cables are manufactured using 2 different proprietary Flat cable designs.

The Reference HDMI® cables employ the 24-Conductor DNA Helix™ design and rest of the range utilizes the award winning 16-Conductor Symmetricon™ (formely Symmetric Balanced Pair™) cable.
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Power Cords

WireWorld developed the Noise Filtering Array™, a unique geometric structure and composite insulation materials that maximize inductive and capacitive filtering to absorb power line noise and damp the electrical resonances.
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USB cablesUSB crossection

WireWorld USB cables feature Symmetricon™ cable design with islolated power lead. WireWorld USB cables function over significantly longer runs than conventional USB cables and provides improved sound quality in media server, PC audio, and other digital music applications.


WireWorld’s superior connectors provide the lowest loss and secure reliable connection.
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The microstructure of copper and silver conductors is actually made up of individual grains of the metal. Unavoidable angular patterns in this grain structure can cause cables to perform differently in both directions. WireWorld cables are manufactured utilizing a proprietary Grain Optimization™ process that specifically controls the grain structure of the metal to produce the highest fidelity when the signal flows in the direction of the arrows printed on the cable. Some other brands of audio interconnects are directional because their shields are only connected at one end of the cable. The shields in WireWorld cables are connected at both ends to provide superior isolation from noise.


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