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Noise Filtering Array™

WireWorld power cords are designed to solve a completely different set of problems than audio and video cables. An ideal audio or video cable would pass the entire frequency range without alteration. However, an ideal power cord would pass only the 50Hz or 60Hz AC power, while blocking all other frequencies, thus preventing power line noise and harmonics from degrading the sound and imaging quality of the system.

To achieve that ideal, WireWorld developed the Noise Filtering Array™, a unique geometric structure and composite insulation materials that maximize inductive and capacitive filtering to absorb power line noise and damp the electrical resonances that other cords and power conditioners cannot tame. Among the innovations of this design are dual low-impedance shields, which are closely coupled to the conductors to cancel unwanted energy.

The previous generations of WireWorld power cords earned many accolades by making consistent improvements in audio and video quality. The Series 52 power cords are even more effective and much more flexible than their predecessors, making dramatic improvements in the imaging, dynamic range and resolution of both audio and video components. The five models differ only in their conductor material, as the smoother current flow of superior conductors provides additional improvements in sound and image quality.

WireWorld Noise Filtering Array™ power cord vs Conventional power cords

All round conventional power cords are essentially the same design that has been in use for decades. This design simply utilises 3 insulated conductors in an outer sheath; with shielding in some cases. These power cords usually feature fancy connectors and haphazard choice of materials to justify their hefty price tags. WireWord power cords feature a unique geometric structure which is based on proven scientific theory and therefore offer improvement in performance by actually reducing noise on the power line.


“From the start, what piqued my interest in Wireworld’s 52 line of power cables was what seemed to be the scientifically sound reasoning behind their design. Wireworld makes no wild assertions that cables must be bathed in the light from a crystal of kryptonite, or other such nonsense. Instead, they designed their cables’ geometry and construction to drive the cables’ inductance and capacitance values as high as possible, to create a cable that is also a passive filter. The basic idea is that every 52 cable naturally rejects frequencies above the 60Hz electrical carrier, effectively making it the equivalent of a power conditioner. This may sound strange, but it makes a lot of sense. All cables have properties of inductance, capacitance, and resistance, which are all that’s required to create a filter. The idea of tweaking a cable design to generate a filter effect is not only far from crazy, it borders on genius.”
Home Theater and Sound, Feb ‘07


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